Friday, 11 November 2011


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It didn’t really cross my mind what impact Thursday afternoon’s all-star breakout session would have on my path. In what was a lightning-quick two hour session, Frank Armstrong injected our class with key insight about our prospective futures. Divided up amongst graduates, we were able to hear their story; their journeys through the IMC program. It was invaluable.

We managed to pick the all-stars’ brains, dissecting their individual experiences. I was excited to see how they waded through the work to eventually find success in the real world. For me the sessions presented a sort of “life roadmap” – here is where you are, here is where you can end up if you play your cards right.

For the sake of advertising and IMC, it was interesting to examine how graduates integrated with the advertising/marketing world and how elements from the program were essential. The knowledge imparted on behalf of the grads definitely set me up in terms of knowing what pitfalls to avoid over the course of the next three years.

On my end, the sessions affirmed my faith in the program; that I had made the right choice in rebooting my early adult life. I can look back to the day I accepted my offer of admission with even greater confidence, knowing I wouldn’t change a thing…

                                                                     SLC's IMC at OCMC

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